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Subject Wise Lectures Notes

Note: Due to COVID19 and Lockdown, SIRTS is caring of students and providing lectures notes of all subject of all the branches including first year

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CSE Branch ME Branch
4th SEM 6th SEM 8th SEM 4th SEM 6th SEM 8th SEM
CS-401 CS-601 CS-801 ES-401 ME-601 ME-8001
CS-402 CS-602 CS-8002 ME-402 ME-602 ME-8002
CS-403 CS-603 CS-8003 ME-403 ME-603 ME-8003
CS-404 CS-604 CS-8004 ME-404 ME-604 ME-8004
CS-405 ME-405
CE Branch
4th SEM 6th SEM 8th SEM
CE-401 CE-601 CE-8001
CE-402 CE-602 CE-8002
CE-403 CE-603 CE-8003
CE-404 CE-604 CE-804
CE-405 CE-605
Applied Science
BT 2nd SEM
BT 2nd SEM
BT-101 BT-201 BT-202 BT-103
BT-203 BT-104 BT-204 BT-104 BT-105 BT-205