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Department of Applied Science


Programme Outcomes (POs)

The students will have knowledge and appreciation of the breadth and depth of foundation courses, including the connections between different areas of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, and between these subjects and other disciplines.They will be able to effectively apply their knowledge of basic sciences into the core field.
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
PEO 1:  Ability to apply the knowledge acquired in subject areas like, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Communication Skills and Environmental Issues.
PEO 2:  Strong foundation in theoretical/experimental work for being able to analyze, synthesize and design engineering products, processes and systems as desired.
PEO 3:  Expertise in collecting field data, designing and conducting experiments in the laboratory/elsewhere and analyzing/interpreting the results.
PEO 4:  Capacity to function in multi/inter-disciplinary teams with a spirit of tolerance, patience and understanding so necessary for team work.
PEO 5: to acquire knowledge on one’s own through libraries/data bases for contributing to knowledge assimilation, creation, dissemination & life-long learning
PEO 6:  Better understanding and acceptance of professional, social, moral and ethical responsibilities and good knowledge of contemporary issues
PEO 7: Familiarity with ICT and seeking pollution-free and/or environment- and energy-friendly solutions to day-to-day problems faced by the society at large, based on ICT.
PEO 8: Broad education necessary to get a perception of the impact of solutions provided for developmental issues in a global/societal context
PEO 9:  Capacity for rational, objective, orderly and logical thinking and ability to communicate with fellow professionals/society effectively in written/oral forms.
PEO 10: Good attitudes and skills in personnel management and maintenance of human relations, required in every ones working life
Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)
PSO 1:  Demonstrate proficiency in basic science and foundation engineering courses.
PSO 2: Demonstrate competence in application of basic principles to engineering systems