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Department of Electrical Engineering


About Us


The department of electrical engineering has been playing a vital role in producing scientists and technologists of highest caliber ever since it was established in the year 2007. With rapidly evolving technology and the continuous need for innovation the department has always produced quality professionals, holding important positions in Power sector as well as in Core industries in India and abroad. The infrastructure and lab facilities are upgraded from time to time and provide adequate opportunities for students and researchers to learn and innovate. The department has distinguished faculty, having M. Tech. & Ph.D. degrees from renowned institutes in India.


To provide Quality Education and Research Environment in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


To develop quality graduates with suitable Technical and Managerial skills to become successful professionals.


Mission Objectives (MO)

  • MO 1 - To provide students with a supportive environment which facilitates learning to solve problems in Electrical and Electronics engineering.
  • MO 2 - To produce engineering graduates who are able to compete beyond the national employment market.
  • MO 3 - To encourage active participation with industry and to respond to the needs of industry through project and consultancy.
  • MO 4 - To train students to be capable to respond to the vast growing engineering technology development through the support of quality educational process.
  • MO 5 - To prepare students for successful careers and lifelong learning in engineering and research through promoting active learning, critical thinking, and engineering judgment, coupled with business and entrepreneurial skill.

 Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • PEO 1: To impart well balanced curriculum that develop conceptual aptitude and analytical skills necessary to solve engineering problems and to take up higher studies and research.
  • PEO 2: To train students with specialized knowledge in core areas of electrical and electronics engineering so as to deal with complex problems.
  • PEO 3: To provide practical exposure through engineering experiments and projects to comprehend technical theories and design novel products.
  • EO 4: To equip students with suitable communication and technical skills to take up jobs in industries and service sectors.

Programme Outcome (PO)

  • PO 1: To apply the knowledge of Mathematics, Basic sciences and Engineering concepts for solution of complex problems.

  • PO 2: To provide solutions for problems by designing and conducting experiments, interpreting and analyzing data and reporting the results.

  • PO 3: Ability to apply engineering knowledge in all problems related to electrical engineering.

  • PO 4: Knowledge and exposure to solve complex problems in Industries related to power system and power electronics.

  • PO 5: Demonstrate skills to use modern engineering tools, software and equipment to analyze problems.

  • PO 6: Demonstrate understanding of the societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to engineering practice.

  • PO 7: Understand the impact of engineering solutions in a societal context and demonstrate knowledge of and need for sustainable development.

  • PO 8: Confidence to apply engineering solutions with professional, ethical and social responsibilities.

  • PO 9: Capable of functioning effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multi -disciplinary settings.

  • PO 10: Proficient in English language in both verbal and written forms which will enable them to compete globally.

  • PO 11: Able to excel in their professional endeavors, participate and succeed in competitive examinations like GATE, GRE. 

  • PO 12: Recognize the need for, and have the ability to engage in independent and life - long learning

 EX Group

Foundation Day


List of Faculties

1 Dr. Ganga Agnihotri Professor    
2 Dr. D.M. Deshpande Professor    
3 Dr. Smita Shandilya Associate Prof.    
4 Mrs. Neeti Dugaya Assistant Prof.    
5 Mr. S.K.Sonkar Assistant Prof.    
6 Mr. Sudhanshu Pathak Assistant Prof.    
7 Mr. Roshan Singh Assistant Prof.    
8 Mr. Balwant Singh Parihar Assistant Prof.    
9 Mr. Viany Ku Solanki Assistant Prof.    
10 Mr. Amit Ghurasiya Assistant Prof.    
11 Mr. Santosh Ku Gupta Assistant Prof.    
12 Mr. Piyush Mundhada Assistant Prof.    
13 Mr. Harish Kachhawa Assistant Prof.    
14 Mrs.Arti Prasad Assistant Prof.    
15 Ms.Ritu Saxena Assistant Prof.    
16 Mr.Vivek Tiwari Assistant Prof.    
17 Mr.Sharad Shalunke Assistant Prof.    


Contact Address:

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering,
Sagar Institute of Research, Technology & Science (SIRTS)
Ayodhya Bypass Road, Bhopal, MP - 462041


01). Students from civil branch SIRTS appeared for Final HR interview of Aster dependable services at Hyderabad.

02). Pre final year students participated in programming contest of persistant and 8 students of SIRTs cleared first round of competition and appeared next round of contest held at RGPV on 18th March.

03). Three MBA students selected in Shivshakti Pvt.Ltd

04). Shri Saneep Jain of Civil selected in Aster, Hyderabad

05). 06 BE students selected in ITW

06). 04 BE students selected in Zensar

08). 02 BE students selected in Ideavate

09). 02 BE students selected in Impetus

10). 01 BE student selected in Persistent

11). 01 BE student selected in Enercon

12). 01 BE student selected in Gammon I Ltd.

13). 01 BE student selected in ISC Software

14). 25 MBA students selected in Pentacle Software

15). 12 MBA students selected in Idea 3G

16). 03 MBA students selected in L&T Finance

17). 02 MBA students selected in Karvy Stock Broking

18). 07 MBA students selected in HDFC

19). 08 Pharmacy students selected in Mankind

20). 06 Pharmacy students selected in Thyrocare

21). 03 Pharmacy students selected in Dr. Reddy

22). 2 BE students selected in Avaya

23). 1 BE student selected in ETA Ascon

24). 1 MBA student selected in Godrej

25). 1 MBA student selected in Vardhaman

26). 1 MBA student selected in India Mart

27). 10 MBA students selected in Reliance HR Services

28). 10 MBA students selected in Tikona Digital Networks

29). 1 BE student selected in ISMT Ltd.

30). 4 BE students selected in Crompton Greaves

31). 6 MBA & B.Pharm. students selected in Invida

32). 1 MBA student selected in Cyber Tech

33). 18 MBA students selected in DNA Infoline

34). 10 MBA students short-listed in Bank of America

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